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维多利亚大帝 Victoria the Great (1937)

维多利亚大帝 Victoria the Great (1937)
维多利亚大帝 Victoria the Great (1937)

导演:赫伯特·威尔科克斯 Herbert Wilcox
主演:阿诺德·露西 Arnold Lucy/Tom Heslewood Tom Heslewood/Hugh Miller Hugh Miller/摩尔·马里奥特 Moore Marriott/Charles Lefeaux Charles Lefeaux/Hubert Harben Hubert Harben/Henry Hallett Henry Hallett/Gordon McLeod Gordon McLeod/迈尔斯·马勒森 Miles Malleson/琼·杨 Joan Young/亚瑟·杨 Arthur Young/H.B.沃纳 H.B. Warner/C.奥布雷·史密斯 C. Aubrey Smith/沃尔特·瑞拉 Walter Rilla/Syd Crossley Syd Crossley/Percy Parsons Percy Parsons/玛丽·莫里斯 Mary Morris/Wyndham Goldie Wyndham Goldie/Hal Gordon Hal Gordon/费利克斯·艾尔默 Felix Aylmer/James Dale James Dale/安东·沃尔布鲁克 Anton Walbrook/格里塔·斯楚瑞德 Greta Schröder/德里克·德马尼 Derrick De Marney/Ivor Barnard Ivor Barnard/Frank Birch Frank Birch/Joyce Bland Joyce Bland/Clarence Blakiston Clarence Blakiston/Lewis Casson Lewis Casson/Frank Cellier Frank Cellier/O.B. Clarence O.B. Clarence/安娜·尼格尔 Anna Neagle/查尔斯·卡森 Charles Carson/罗伯特·阿特金斯 Robert Atkins/保罗·亨雷德 Paul Henreid/C.V.弗朗斯 C.V. France/阿尔贝特·利文 Albert Lieven/赫伯特·威尔科克斯 Herbert Wilcox/安东尼·科林斯 Anthony Collins/威廉·V·斯卡尔 William V. Skall/弗雷迪·扬 Freddie Young/Lawrence P. Williams Lawrence P. Williams/Tom Heslewood Tom Heslewood/Doris Zinkeisen Doris Zinkeisen/Patricia Pearce Patricia Pearce/斯图尔特·弗里伯恩 Stuart Freeborn/Lloyd Richards Lloyd Richards/彼得·艾伦肖 Peter Ellenshaw/W. Percy Day W. Percy Day
片长: 112 分钟
豆瓣评分: IMDB评分:6.3
The story opens on the morning of 20 June 1837, when the Lord Chamberlain and Archbishop of Canterbury arrive to inform young Princess Victoria that her uncle, William IV, is dead, and that she is now queen. The new queen's mother and her adviser, Baron Stockmar, have been used to seeing their opinions prevail with Victoria, but now she is on the throne, she makes an effort to assert herself and show that she will not be a mere puppet. However, she agrees to confirm Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne in his place. Melbourne advises Victoria to marry, and suggests her German cousin, Prince Albert. The two appear incompatible but soon find that they are in love. As Prince Consort, Albert becomes frustrated that he is given no role in governing the country and by his powerless role as husband to the queen. Though Sir Robert Peel suggests that Victoria share some of the burdens of the crown with her husband, she refuses, on the grounds that the people would reject Albert as an interfering foreigner. Victoria's domination over her husband even includes her refusal to allow him to smoke his pipe, and this soon becomes a proxy battleground for their different perspectives. Victoria finally realises her error, and Albert becomes her trusted adviser, after he instinctively throws himself forward to protect her from an assassin's bullet. Victoria is then involved in a political crisis, as the Chartist movement gathers pace. Peel addresses the House of Commons, and as a result the Corn Laws, a tax on grain which was at the bottom of much of the popular discontent, are repealed. However, Albert is criticised following his appearance in the House of Commons. Albert's health is in decline, but he intervenes in another international crisis, preventing Lord Palmerston from sending an aggressive letter to Abraham Lincoln, who credits this with avoiding a war between the United States and Great Britain. After Albert's untimely death, and despite the protestations of her advisers and the ordinary people, Victoria disappears into a self-imposed purdah, until persuaded by Gladstone to return to an active public life. We leave her celebrating her Diamond Jubilee in 1897.
译文(2): 故事开始于1837年6月20日的早晨,当时宫务大臣和坎特伯雷大主教赶来通知年轻的维多利亚公主,她的叔叔威廉四世去世了,她现在是女王。新女王的母亲和她的顾问,斯托克马男爵,已经习惯了看到他们的意见在维多利亚身上占上风,但是现在她在王位上,她努力维护自己,并表明她不仅仅是一个傀儡。然而,她同意确认首相,墨尔本勋爵在他的位置。墨尔本建议维多利亚结婚,并建议她的德国表亲阿尔伯特亲王。这两个人似乎不相容,但很快就发现他们相爱了。作为 Prince Consort,阿尔伯特感到沮丧的是,他没有被赋予治理国家的任何角色,也没有被赋予作为女王丈夫的无力角色。尽管罗伯特 · 皮尔爵士建议维多利亚和她的丈夫分担一些国王的责任,但她拒绝了,理由是人民会拒绝阿尔伯特作为一个多管闲事的外国人。维多利亚对她丈夫的支配甚至包括她拒绝让他抽烟斗,这很快成为他们不同观点的代理战场。维多利亚终于意识到自己的错误,阿尔伯特成了她信任的顾问,在他本能地挺身保护她免受刺客的子弹之后。随着宪章运动的步伐加快,维多利亚州也卷入了一场政治危机。皮尔解决了这个英国下议院,结果是《谷物法》被废除了。《谷物法》是一项对谷物征税的法律,曾经是许多民众不满情绪的根源。然而,阿尔伯特在英国下议院上露面后受到了批评。阿尔伯特的健康状况正在下降,但他介入了另一场国际危机,阻止了帕墨斯顿岛勋爵向亚伯拉罕 · 林肯发出咄咄逼人的信件,林肯认为这是避免美英之间爆发战争的原因。在阿尔伯特英年早逝之后,尽管她的顾问和普通民众提出了抗议,维多利亚还是消失在一个自我强加的深渊中,直到被格莱斯顿说服重返积极的公共生活。我们让她在1897年庆祝她的钻石庆典。

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